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Black Garlic - Single Box (1 Food Crayon + 1 Sharpener)

Black Garlic - Single Box (1 Food Crayon + 1 Sharpener)

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Gather your friends around a sushi platter and add beautiful shavings to impress everyone. Black garlic is delicious on Asian Fusion cuisine. Sushi, bento, poke, pad thai, sashimi…

How to use : Black Garlic Food Crayon has a delicate Umami taste. The best paring is with Japanese food, raw fish, sushi… but also with cheese, vegetable soups or beef carpaccio.

How it works : Sharpen some shavings on your plates, over your desserts or drinks as you serve.

How many shavings : 5 to 10 shavings per plates. 1 or 2 shavings per bite size serving or on a drink.

Shelf life and preservation : Food crayon lasts up to 12 months. Once open, keep them in their tube in the fridge.

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