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Nonno's Garden Candle

Nonno's Garden Candle

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We’re telling a new part of our story through scent. Kate Strange from Waxxed Candle Co. helped us create a scent that describes our memories of Nonno’s Garden. 

These hand poured candles capture the fresh and sweet green smells of a backyard garden with notes of tomato leaf, rosemary & mint. 

 Made with natural coconut wax, cotton wicks and high quality fragrance + essential oils. Available in 4oz and 8oz.

4oz / 25- 30 hour burn time.

8 oz / 50 - 60 hour burn time.

Each candle comes with a small card that tells the story behind Nonno’s Garden. Perfect for gift giving!



We’ve told you about Nonna in her home kitchen. The fresh pasta, the aroma of sauce & starchy water and the nostalgic family meals...

but often, it began with Nonno in the garden.

The tomatoes were thoughtfully nestled against the house. Cucumber and zucchini plants, carefully plotted. The short season of sweet green peas were picked fresh and enjoyed in handfuls while walking through the yard, to the house. 

The backyard garden was our family's version of a local food source. Everything was enjoyed in the moment and in the season.

The tomatoes, cucumbers & fresh lettuce were made into a simple salad, tossed in an oil & vinegar dressing. The potatoes were turned into hand rolled gnocchi.

While Nonna was creating in the kitchen, Nonno was in the garden. They worked together growing food, sharing it and enjoying it with our family.  

What started in the garden ended up on our table, surrounded by chatter and clanking dishes. 

Now you know more of our story.

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