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Chili & Garlic - Single Box (1 Food Crayon + 1 Sharpener)

Chili & Garlic - Single Box (1 Food Crayon + 1 Sharpener)

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1 Food Crayon + 1 Sharpener in a beautiful single gift box. Food Crayon is the perfect gift for foodies. 

Sharpen some shavings over your dishes, desserts or cocktails to add a strong and delicious flavour to your meal. The combination of chili and garlic is a classic pairing in Italian cuisine, known for adding depth and spiciness to various recipes. Using the crayon to add shavings directly onto plates, desserts, or drinks offers a convenient and artistic approach to seasoning your meals.

Pairings: The Chili & Garlic Food Crayon is specially designed to enhance the flavors of Italian food and tomato-based dishes. It's a delicious and spicy addition that can elevate the taste of Italian sauces, pastas, and pizzas.

Shelf Life and Storage: The Chili & Garlic Food Crayon has a shelf life of up to 12 months. It should be kept in the fridge after opening.

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