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Fresh Ravioli Sheets

Fresh Ravioli Sheets

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The hardest part of making ravioli from scratch is the fresh pasta. We’ll do the hard work to get you started, you prepare the ravioli using your family recipe.

Each package has 2 long Fresh Ravioli Sheets (7.5" x 27.5"). 

This is enough for aprx 25 two-inch Ravioli. 

Made fresh just for you! It’s a hands on production every time you order. Our ravioli sheets are made thinner than our lasagna sheets to give you the delicate touch you're looking for in handmade, stuffed pasta. 

Made with a simple blend of Durum Semolina Flour and water. Egg free, All natural, vegan friendly and free of preservatives and fillers. 

Our ravioli sheets will stay fresh in your fridge for 5 -7 days. We recommend enjoying as soon as possible for the freshest experience. Once the fresh ravioli are made, they can be frozen for up to 3 months.

Please note: This product does not come with ravioli filling or tools. 

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